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Dr_Ben_Bassey[1]--passport pix 16 jan11Bro Ben Bassey the Founder and the  Leader of the  Ministry of the Word (MOW)  has been a passionate lover of the undiluted  and unadulterated word of God from childhood, and is very committed to the  diligent obedience of the word of God, as a basis for enjoying divine health.  He graduated from the School of the Disciples, of the Redeemed Christian Church  of God (RCCG) in March 2009 and is a spiritual health counsellor within the body of Christ. He ministers the undiluted word of God freely to people on charity basis. He  was baptised in the Holy Spirit on 10 February 2008. He is very passionate  about true spirituality, righteousness, holiness,  goodness, kindness , compassion, honesty, openness and transparency as the basis for life and health prosperity. He promotes spirituality as a key factor in maintaining mental stability. He is a true disciple  of Christ, a priest, prophet, preacher, minister, an evangelist, an ambassador, a missionary, a spiritual health counsellor and a teacher of the undiluted word of God. He is a strong defender of the Truth.  He writes regularly on True Spirituality and the Good News gospel . His life is a living example of Amazing Grace of God in Christ Jesus. He is married to Iyobosa, a registered Paediatric nurse, also very passionate about the word of God. Their marriage has been blessed with three lovely girls, Princesses Esther, Victoria and Daniella.

By way of declaration and disclosure, despite being a strict follower of our Lord Jesus Christ and True Spirituality, Bro Ben Bassey is a highly spiritual person and believe very strongly in religious tolerance and having respect for practitioners of other faiths. As part of his spirituality drive, he purchased his first Quran about 1995 while training as a psychiatrist in the UK. He has not only read the Quran, but has also read other spiritual books and materials on Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Silkhism, Taoism as well as the Book of the Mormon etc. Knowledge gained from these materials has greatly enhanced his spiritual awareness, spiritual work and understanding; this has been very beneficial with regard to supporting patients of other faiths who have mental health issues. Bro Ben Bassey is of the strong view that religious intolerance and spiritual ignorance are two major reasons for the lack of love and frequent conflicts amongst individuals as well in our various nations.

Bro Ben Bassey does his spiritual work on charity basis. He is very much against the corruption of the word of God with money within the Church, especially the ‘great’ preachers collecting money from their poor members through cajoling, manipulation and exploitation. This was NOT what Jesus was doing when he was on earth. Rather, while on earth Jesus preached the good news gospel of repentance and fed those that made contact with him. It’s unfortunate that people are using the house of God for money making.

All scriptures are taken from KJV unless otherwise specified. To know more about the Ministry of the Word(MOW), please register using the Link below and visit the websites below :





Dr (Leo) Ben Bassey-MBBS, MA, FWACP(psych), is also the Founder and the Director of Abasi Health  Foundation (AHF), a Non Governmental charity organization registered in Nigeria. He is a medical doctor and a qualified and licensed  psychiatrist. He is a  fellow of the West African College of Physicians, faculty of psychiatry. He was  a consultant psychiatrist to the Nigeria Navy for many years, before he  voluntarily retired from the  Nigerian Navy as a Surgeon Commodore in 2008, against expectations,  in response to a higher calling,  following the leading of the Lord. In the Navy, he held responsible positions including being the medical director of the Navy hospital in Calabar, Cross River State. While in the Navy, he was awarded the Forces Services Star(FSS), Meritorious Services Star(MSS) and the Defence Services Star (DSS).  He is very passionate about spirituality in mental health. He is a  Specialist Associate member of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, United Kingdom. He is approved by the Secretary of  State as having specialist experience in Mental Health. He also holds an Approved Clinican status.


Abasi Health Foundation  is made up of committed professionals and  personnel’s with a deep passion for healthy living. The team is saddled with  responsibility of promoting good health by providing down-to earth information on health related issues  based on approved global standards. The team provides useful information and  educational materials covering the three broad levels of health – physical,  mental and spiritual health. The vision of AHF is: Empowering people, promoting health and mental stability by emphasising Holistic Approach to health care delivery, and create understanding in patients to enable them work toward their total recovery.


Dr Ben Bassey is in the GMC specialist register and  currently practising as a consultant psychiatrist, working with Birmingham and Solihull Mental Heath Foundation Trust (BSMHFT), United Kingdom. He is very keen to promote spirituality as a stabilising factor in mental health.

The views and opinions expressed are the responsibilities of the writers, not necessarily that of Dr Ben Bassey.

“Is not my word like a fire and like the harmer that breaketh the rock to pieces?”  (Jeremiah 23:29).