The Purpose of Our Existence, by Rev Akaniyene Akpan

Bro Akan Akpan
 6/05/12 Beloved in the Lord, greetings in the most precious name of Jesus, our Lord and personal savior.The Lord impressed upon my heart to start a series I call DISCIPLESHIP SERIES. This is the maiden edition, and God willing it will be done every forthnightly all things being equal.
In this edition, I title it OUR PURPOSE OF EXISTENCE.
The basic purpose of our existence in this world is for good works- that is what we were created for (Eph.2:10).We are God’s workmanship.It is when we we do good works,thus meeting the purpose for our creation that we bring Him pleasure as we can see in Rev.4:11.God created all things including us human biengs for His pleasureI. In matthew 5:14-16, Jesus compares us to a candle lit, he says it will not meet its purpose if it is put under a bushel.It is only if it is exposed that it will shine and give light.He says we should therefore let our light shine that men will see our GOOD WORKS and give glory to our father who is in heaven.When we do good works, our lives will bring Him glory. He created us for His glory(Isaiah 43:7).
For us to be able to do good works, we need to key into the mind of Christ (Philp.2:5).That’s when the eyes of our understanding will be enlightened to know what He expects of us(Eph 1:8).When we key into the mind of Christ,we will feel the way He feels;reason the way He reasons;hence, we will be able to do what He did (John 14:12). In so doing,people will know that we’re truly His disciples.We will truly resemble Him when we do good works, for the bible says”how God anointed Jesus of Nazareth with the Holy Ghost and power who went about doing good…(Acts 10:38).
Good works include;1. Reaching out to the lost and bring them to the saving knowledge and relationship with God.
2.Showing compassion to the one suferring.
3.Bearing one another’s burden (Gal. 6:2).
4.Being an eye to the blind  (Job 29:12,15,16).
5.Giving a helping hand to the one in need (Luke 10:34,35).

 It is my prayer that God will enable us to fulfil our purpose of creation and be profitable to Him.
God bless you, remain blessed in Jesus’ name.

Revd A. U. AKPAN is the president of Faith Activation Global Ministries, Lagos Nigreia.
Phone: 08034041964,08085807585