Heaven Consciousness By Bro Akpan Akaninyene

Title: Heaven Consciousness By Bro Akpan Akaninyene

Date: 3 Apr 14

Beloved in the Lord, I gladly welcome you to the month of April! Expect something great from God this month. Today, in our series, we are looking at the topic “Heaven consciousness” as a characteristic of a disciple. Before Jesus departed this world, he had told his disciples that in his father’s house there are many mansions; and that he’s going there to prepare a place for them, after which he will come again to take them to be with him ( John 14:1-3).
With that promise, he gave them something to look forward to. So daily they lived in that consciousness. They knew that the world was just a temporary place for them; they had pilgrim mentality. They knew that though they were in the world, they were not of this world ( John 17:14b). They were daily living in  the sincere anticipation of meeting with their master someday to be taken to that glorious place promised them. No wonder they were not ready to compromise or indulge in things that could prejudice their chance of making it to Heaven.
That should be our attitude today too, especially seeing that we are living in the days that Jesus’ coming is becoming very imminent than before. Jesus praying for his disciples which by extension includes the present day disciples in John chapter 10:1-24, specially mentioned in verses 14 & 16 that they (including us ) are not of the world. And in verse 24, he prayed that he wants us to be where he is, and to see his glory. This is the ultimate desire; the uncompromise goal of every genuine disciple of Jesus. They are always Heaven conscious. They look forward to seeing his glory someday. Heaven is always in their mind. Their heart is not in this world, but in heaven because that is where their treasure is just like Jesus says in Matt 16:19-21. This reminds me of a sticker I once saw on the back windscreen of a car that reads: ” Don’t be deceived by this car, my treasure is in Heaven”
Please don’t misunderstand me, I am not saying we should not enjoy here on earth, we should only be thinking about Heaven. I am an ardent believer of the fact that God wants us to enjoy a good life here on earth before we go over to meet Him. I believe strongly in Isaiah 1:19. But at the same time, we should live with the consciousness that this world is not our home. One day I saw an inscription on the sign post of a particular Church that says: ” EXPLOIT THE EARTH, BUT THINK HEAVEN” And I nodded in agreement to it. That is what I believe. God expects us to enjoy a good life on this earth, but think Heaven.
Rev A. U. Akpan is the president of Faith Activation Global Ministries, Lagos, Nigeria.