CHRIST’S ATTITUDE- by Rev Akaniyene Akpan

“Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus” (Philippians 2:5) NIV

A goat gives birth to a goat, a dog to a dog. A mango tree produces a mango fruit, and an orange tree an orange. Every living thing begets its kind.

Likewise, everyone born of God, born again by the Spirit of God (John 3:6, 1John 3:8), should automatically have the same attitude of Christ. That is to say he or she will do things like Christ. His or her character will be depicted by that of Christ. When he or she finds self in any circumstance, the question: “what would Jesus do?” will well up in his or her mind. He or she won’t want to be seen acting in ways that are not consistent with that of Christ.

The question therefore is, what is the attitude of Christ?

The attitude of Christ speaks of those attributes, ways and mannerisms of Jesus – the way he thinks, approach issues, and responds to circumstances. It speaks of how Jesus will act or react to situations that he is faced with in any given circumstance.

The Bible says that he made himself of no reputation and took upon himself the form of a servant. He didn’t see himself as being high up there, he wasn’t a man of high mindedness. He was humble, he was obedient even unto death.

So as those who are born of His Spirit, as those who are indwelled by His Spirit (Romans 8:9), the apostle Paul says that our attitude ought to be the same as that of Christ.

We have no choice, it is an absolute necessity that we discipline ourselves to adopt Christ’s attitude. Yes, we need to discipline ourselves because the devil is always at work to cause us to do contrary. Our flesh, our emotions will always try to dictate to us. (Romans 7:18-19).
But we have a choice to make by resolving and determining to have the same attitude with Christ. That’s what in essence defines us as genuine born again of His Spirit. That’s what differentiates us from the religious world, from the crowd of those that claim a relationship with Him.

God bless you.


Rev Akaniyene AKPAN is the founder of Faith Activation Ministry. His ministry is in partnership with the Ministry Of the Word:

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