“For the Lord God is a sun and shield, the Lord will give grace and glory, no good thing will He with hold from them that walk uprightly” Psalm 83:11

You can not live for others except you first live for God.

If God love does not dwell richly in your heart, it will be impossible for you to live for others. It is He that motivates you to live a self sacrificing life. God for showed you how to love others. He took the initiative and loved you by giving Himself to you. What better way can you imitate God ?.
Uprightness means have a right standing before God. Walking uprightly in effect involves living your life for others.
Therefore, it is God’s desire that you become a helper or a blessing to another man.

If you do not imbibe by this kingdom principle, you are far from prosperity. If your salary or income is strictly meant for you and your immediate family members, then you are doomed. In no distant time you will start eating from hand to mouth. Sons and daughters, learn to give to others. Take steps to ask about the welfare of other people. Invest in their lives. Consciously affect people’s lives.
As God blesses you, don’t hold back the blessing from people. And God knows how best to reward you. Above all, don’t look down on the poor. Never cast them out, because if you do so, you are looking down on God who created them. Be wise ! Be smart ! The moment you start practicing this, sky will be your starting point.

One of the Biblical examples people who lived for others was Dorcas who was brought back to life because she lived her life for others Jesus painted a picture of living for others by narrating a parable of the Good Samaritan who attended to the needs of the Jewish man Luke 19:30-35. What will you remembered for ? Remember, living for others is a great gain.

Instruction :
Help others no matter your level, it is a sign of dominion.

Prayer :
Lord, I dominate by helping others, in Jesus Mighty Name.

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