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Theme: Learn to SEE God as your Father.

Memory Verse: “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on his name” (John 1:12).

Beloved Please join us in saying: Thank you Jesus. Thank you God. Thank you Father. Thank you Daddy. Daddy, please accept our thanks in Jesus Name. Amen.

Father, we give you glory this month of September, the month of fruitfulness, total restoration and complete recovery.

Beloved, this week our Father and our God in Christ Jesus, wants us to grow deeper in our knowledge and understanding of Him. Our knowledge and understanding of Him will determine our relationship with Him.

In the course of my life experiences and spiritual walk with the LORD in Christ Jesus, I have come across many Christians who only SEE God as a powerful being and their Creator. They are able to see God as the supreme controller of the universe, but they are unable to SEE God as their Father. For this reason, many of such Christians find it difficult to call God “Daddy”. I have also met a few ‘believers’ who tell me they believe strongly in God, but that they do not believe in Jesus. Stating that they can never call Jesus “God”. What a level of spiritual ignorance or lack of knowledge! The word of God says: “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge…”(Hosea 4:6).

Everyone that has accepted JESUS Christ as his Lord and Saviour, has some measure of the Holy Spirit in him (Please note that there is no gender difference in the spirit realm). With increase faith and understanding in the word of God, he should begin to see God as his Father, Daddy, Confidant and best Friend. Believe me, every other friend you have in this world may fail you but God in Jesus Christ can never fail you. As a true believer, you are a son of God. The bible tells us this much even before Jesus was made manifest in the flesh. The Psalmist with the inspiration of the Holy Spirit said: “They know not, neither will they understand; they walk on in darkness: all the foundations of the earth are out of course. I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High” (Psalm 82:5-6). It is clear from the above scriptures that lack of knowledge and spiritual understanding may make many believers within the body of Christ, not to see themselves as sons of God.

Now, if you say in Christ Jesus, God is your Father, the big question is: Are you hearing from Him? Even in the physical realm, can you imagine your biological father or father figure talking to you and you are unable to recognise his voice or understand what he is saying? To the extent that you have to run around looking for others such your uncle or aunty to help in explaining to you what your father has been saying. In the spirit realm, this is exactly what many believers do when they hastily run to the pastors, prophets or evangelists when experiencing the slightest trial or challenge. I have come across Christians who pray and speak as if God is deaf. Some actually wonder why God has been wicked to them or hard with them. The truth is that there is no trace of wickedness with God in Christ Jesus, rather we reap what we sow. On the other hand, God may subject us to some trials for a personal reason, such as the trial of Job( Job Chapter 1).

If you can to relate to God in Christ Jesus as your Father, Daddy, Confidant and Friend and minimise running around, it will make a significant difference in your Christian life. When you speak it will come to pass. Demons and sicknesses will have no choice but to obey you ( Mark 16:17-18).

That we are sons of God is a tremendous measure of love from God. I could not agree less with 1John 3:1 : “Behold, what manner of love the Father hath bestowed upon us, that we should be called the sons of God: therefore the world knoweth us not, because it knew him not”.

According to our memory verse above (John 1:12), becoming a son of God requires spiritual empowerment by the Holy Spirit Himself. It is by the grace of God not mere hard work. Humility and contrite heart are essential requirements.

The time for you to grow spiritually is NOW. Do not miss it! Ask and it shall be given to you. In Christ, God will always give us good and perfect gifts(James 1:17).

It’s your time to change position. It’s your turn to move to the next level. This is your Good News!

To grow spiritually increasingly requires daily meditation in the word of God(Joshua 1:8) with total fear of God. Train yourself yourself to be godly…(Tim 4:7-8, NIV)

Prayer: There is someone reading this message , may you receive the grace to SEE God as your Father in Jesus mighty name. Amen.

Yours in the Vineyard of our Lord, Jesus Christ. Ben Bassey, Iyobosa, Esther & the Beloved MOW family.

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Dr Ben Bassey is a practicing psychiatrist in the UK & a spiritual health counselor, who ministers freely to people regularly through the Ministry of the Word (MOW) and the Abasi Health Foundation (AHF),

To further enrich yourself with spiritual materials and health information, please visit: www.ministryoftheword.org; www.abasihealthfoundation.org All scriptures are from KJV, unless otherwise specified.

Ben Bassey Psychiatrist & Spiritual Health Counselor. Director MOW & AHF. “And ye shall know the truth and the truth shall make you free”(John 8:32). Sent from my iPhone

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Ministry Of the Word (MOW) Improving Our Spiritual Understanding Theme: Learn to SEE God as your Father. Memory Verse: “But as many as received him, to them gave he power to become the sons of God, even to them that believe on …