Topic: Influence Your World for Christ! – by Pastor Raphael


Text: : Matthew 5:15

“Neither do men light a candle, and put it under a bushel, but on a candlestick; and it giveth light unto all that are in the house.” Matthew 5:15 (KJV)

The children of God have been called to influence their world for Christ. Knowing that you have been called to influence the world for Christ is the beginning of living up to God’s expectations. Beloved, there are those who claim they are Christians, but their lifestyle does not depict that of Christ.  When they are questioned, they reply, “Christianity is an act of the heart.” Beloved, the opening scripture wants our Christianity to be lived inside out because we are the light of the world (Matthew 5:14).

In other words, Jesus Christ wants our conduct to reflect the inner working of salvation within us. He wants us to shine our world with the good virtues of His life—a life of righteousness, peace, prosperity, holiness, and love. If Jesus Christ had not left a good legacy, no one would be glad to follow Him. Thanks be to God that His good legacy is in the Holy Bible for posterity to read and learn from.

Beloved, let our conduct, therefore, bring glory to our Lord Jesus Christ. When people see us and interact with us, let them experience the love of Christ and testify that Jesus Christ is alive in us. Praise the Lord! God bless you!


Dear Lord Jesus, thank You for making me the light of the world. I promise to live by Your counsel to shine wherever I find myself for many to see and witness Your life of love, holiness, righteousness, peace, prosperity, and joy. Amen!

I am a recreated being, “old things have passed away, and all things have become new.” 2 Corinthians 5:17

“You are my friends if you do what I command.” John 15:14

James 1

Pastor Raphael is based in Lagos.

He is a minister of God in Christ Apostolic Church Promised Land Lagos, and is in partnership with the ministry of the Word (MOW).

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