What Would Jesus Have Done? By Sis Beatrice Nkamere

Title: What Would Jesus Have Done? By Sis Beatrice Nkamere

Date: 14 Oct 13

Friends I bring you greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. I pray that the God that fetches water with the basket in order to disgrace the bucket will surprise you this season with outstanding breakthrough in Jesus Name, Amen.

This morning while preparing to go to church, the Holy Spirit spoke to me concerning several issues; and He then asked me a question: what would Jesus have done? when faced with issues of life, problems relating to the church (believers) etc.  I was speechless, well in a split second He gave me the answers which I love to share with you. My prayer is that, the Holy Spirit will have mercy, deliver, and also give us peace in Jesus Name, Amen.

What Jesus did to Judas?

It was prophesied that Jesus will be betrayed several years before he was born. In the book of Matthew 24:14-25, Judas had covenanted to sell his master for a miserable thirty pieces of silver (can you beat that!). During the feast of the Passover, where they sat down to eat the Passover, Jesus told the disciples that one of them would betray Him. Note He never mentioned the person, not even to John the beloved His closest ally or to Peter the rock.

V 22 says, they were exceeding sorrowful, (who wouldn’t be) and they began to ask questions, Lord is it I? Jesus had every reason under the sun to say, Judas you are an ingrate I picked you up from the gutters, cleaned you and elevated you to becoming my treasurer, even when I knew you were a thief! Friends he didn’t. He only said, “he that dippeth his hand with me in the dish, the same shall betray me.” Am sure every one of them was very watchful to see who the betrayer is. Even when Judas asked the Lord if he was the one, they still didn’t get it. Jesus never discussed that incident with any soul  again.

How do we handle someone that has betrayed us? Do we call a pity-party? Tell all that matters and those that can’t solve the problem. Let’s handle it Jesus way. Don’t try to take revenge, for vengance belongs unto the Lord (Deut. 32:35, Psa 94:1, Nah 1:2). I believe strongly that the Lord will recompense tribulation to everyone that troubles us in Jesus Name, Amen (1 thess 1:6)

What Jesus did to Peter?

Peter the rock, who by the help of God the Father, revealed the identity of Jesus (Matt 16:16-17) denied Christ three times (Matt 26:34). Jesus, in John 16:32 had told them that every one of them will desert him, at the hour when he needed them most. Peter, the spokes man, tried to allay his fears. But when the hour came, Jesus was indeed left alone. Peter denied Jesus!

After Jesus resurrected He went after the cowards, sought them and found them. He never discussed it at any point in time with Peter or any of the Disciples. He didn’t say “you bunch of fools after all have done for you, you chose to deny me.” He still had confidence in Peter, and asked him to feed His (Jesus) flocks (John 21:15-17).

How did Jesus handle criticism from the Church?

When He was called names, the Holy Spirit reminded me that He simply ignored them because they were distractions to make Him lose focus. The Son of man knew why He came on earth, He had a goal and fulfilling it was His preoccupation. The Church leaders tried as much as possible to run Him down, but he was too committed to the Fathers work , no wonder He said  “my meat is to do the will of my father and finish it” (john 3:34).

Friends, many people would not have become anything in life, if they had not been kicked, battered, oppressed, abused and discouraged. God some times blesses us with people who irritate us to remove a weakness in our character. Remember, it is the irritating grain of sand the oyster turns into a pearl.

Criticism is one of God’s finest shaping tools. In the hands of an expert it can transform us from self-centered individuals into people who live and act like Jesus. It’s difficult to understand, but God just may have sent that pharisee (church leader) to polish you until you reflect the glorious image of Christ.

Often criticism comes to you from people who are simply envious of you. You should remember that crows picks only at the best fruit.

When you are criticized unjustly, forget it! Jesus did!

When the pharisees accused Him of being possessed by Satan (Mark 3:22), Jesus realized he was not dealing with rational criticism. Instead of listening to their criticism, He called it what it was: blasphemy. Jesus refused to become a dumping ground for their garbage. You do the same!