Word for Today: Tell Others your Testimony.

Word for Today: Tell Others Your Testimony.

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Memory Verse:
“Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did” (John 4:29).

Dearly Beloved

We bless the name of the LORD for the last day in the month of September 2020. Good morning everyone.

A genuine ENCOUNTER with the  Living God in Christ Jesus must produce a testimony. This morning, the last day in the month of September 2020, the Lord woke me up, and directed me to this message I wrote a few years ago. I am revising it and resending as it’s still very relevant. It’s all about JESUS.
When the enemies have held you captive, and you think there is no way of escape, and suddenly, you make contact with the SOURCE of life, and He sets you completely free, it is like a dream. Hence, the Psalmist says: “When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion,we were like them that dream” (Psalm 126:1-3).
If God in Christ has done something marvelous for you, please go out and tell others. Go out and testify, so that He will do more for you. Do not be ashamed of testifying about Jesus. Do not be ashamed of the gospel. Like the man born blind from birth went out to testify. While they were debating whether Jesus was a sinner or not, the man born blind from birth whose eyes were opened by the Lord testified:  “Whether he be a sinner or no, I know not: one thing I know, that, whereas I was blind, now I see “(John 9:25).
The testimony of the Samaritan woman at the well, did not just convert a few people ,but entire community. She testified:  “Come, see a man who told me everything I ever did (John 4:29). The Bible says: “And many of the Samaritans of that city believed on him for the saying of the woman, which testified, He told me all that ever I did” (John 4:39).
When Peter had an encounter with Jesus, he realized he was a sinner and  did not deserve  such unimaginable breakthrough : “When Simon Peter saw it, he fell down at Jesus’ knees, saying, Depart from me; for I am a sinful man, O Lord” (Luke 5:8).
The lame man healed by the Lord through Peter, at Temple gate, called Beautiful testified by:  “walking, and leaping, and praising God”(Acts 3:8).

Saul,  (now St Paul), following that epoch-making encounter with the Jesus, surrendered all, trembling and astonished, said: “Lord, what wilt thou have me to do? “ (Acts 9:6).
When God decided to deal with an initially proud idol worshiping king, he surrendered and quickly acknowledged the living God. I love his testimony: “And at the end of the days I Nebuchadnezzar lifted up mine eyes unto heaven, and mine understanding returned unto me, and I blessed the most High, and I praised and honoured him that liveth for ever, whose dominion is an everlasting dominion, and his kingdom is from generation to generation” (Daniel 4:34-35).

Following the miraculous crossing of the red sea, Moses was moved to create a new song: “Who is like unto thee, O Lord, among the gods? who is like thee, glorious in holiness, fearful in praises, doing wonders? “ (Exodus 15:11)
Following Hannah’s divine encounter, she was moved to compose a new song: “There is none holy as the Lord:for there is none beside thee:neither is there any rock like our God “(1Samuel 2:2).

The entire Bible is full of testimonies!

Prior to my miraculous deliverance, escape, and baptism in the Holy Spirit on 10th of February 2008, even as  a medical doctor, a consultant psychiatrist, a surgeon commodore in the Nigerian navy, in my early 50s, I was spiritually blind. I knew nothing spiritually. I could see nothing in the spirit realm. I bless God for His mercies(Lamentation 3:22). Really Amazing Grace! Like the man born blind from birth, Dr Ben Bassey was spiritually blind, but thank God in Christ that now Bro Ben Bassey can see.

So what is your testimony? What is your song? What can you tell others about the new life or change Jesus Christ has brought to your life? If anyone be in Christ, he is a NEW CREATION. Brethren, has Jesus done something for you? Has He healed you of that terrible illness or afflictions which doctors could not like the woman with the issue of blood(Matt 9:20-22); Has he blessed you with wealth; has He blessed you with wisdom, then please, go out and testify, and He will do more for you. Tell others what Jesus has done for you.

What God has done for others in time past, he will do it for you, again and again.

“For the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy” (Rev 19:10)

Tell others your testimonies.

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you all. Amen.”(Philippians 4:23).

Stay connected to Jesus; the Word of God; the Way, the Truth and the Life; the Son of God; the grace of God to humanity (John 1:17).

Connect, Change and Live (CCL).

Be compassionate and kind to one another.

Prayer Point
Father, this season, give me the grace to testify before others, about the goodness of the Word of God in Jesus Mighty name. Amen.

Thank you Jesus. Blood of Jesus.

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